For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

1. Is Hemp Psychoactive/Psychotropic and does it contain the Cannabis drug THC?

Hemp is 100% non psychoactive or psychotropic, it cannot deliver any type of euphoric effect, even in large amounts. However, Hemp can contain trace elements of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) on the flower of the Hemp plant which are barely detectable levels in the Hemp seed which must comply to international & Australian standards.

2. Will using Hemp foods products interfere with workplace or roadside drug testing?

Using Hemp products that are labeled ‘non THC’ or ‘THC free’ are extremely unlikely to interfere with workplace or roadside drug saliva, urine or blood testing. This has been an ongoing legitimate concern of law enforcement which is why we test all our products to comply with global THC limits.

3. Why does the Hemp leaf look like & mistaken for the Cannabis leaf?

The Hemp plant is a simply a relative strain or variety of the Cannabis plant. Like a distant cousin, Hemp contains similar biological structures to Cannabis but doesn’t not produce the molecules necessary for a psychoactive effect. It’s primarily an outdoor agricultural product harvested for its oily seed rich in minerals and vitamins.

4. Are Hemp products safe for buying, mailing or travelling with interstate or overseas?

Hemp products are definitely safe for mailing domestically or overseas or travelling to any location. There is no prohibited elements within our products and they are produced from ‘seed to sale’ with the highest standards in accredited GMP facilities. They do not need to kept out of reach of children or animals and they are non allergen but enjoy refrigeration to ensure freshness and maximum shelf life.

5. Where & When can I consume Hemp products?

As of August 2016, Hemp food products purchased in Australia and New Zealand may only be consumed overseas in legal markets or used for ‘external use only’ purposes. There is a comprehensive national review of this consumption ban currently underway. FSANZ, our food regulator recently released a ‘draft approval’ for safe consumption of Low THC hemp food. This allows legislators and ministers enough scientific evidence to update the outdated policy in line with the rest of the world. Until lawfully allowed please use as legally permitted or travel overseas. The FSANZ draft approval is available here.

6. What testing is done to ensure there is no THC contamination in Hemp products?

All our products are tested using Mass Spectrometry/Gas Chromatography for THC limits. This is a cutting edge accurate analysis method used globally for detecting THC in all types of products. We enlist ChemCentre at Curtin University in Perth, Australia and is a NATA accredited facility.

7. If the Hemp plant is so nutritionally beneficial, why is it prohibited?

The Hemp plant is an ancient plant that has long been confused with the medicinal Cannabis plant. Both plants have suffered comprehensive misunderstandings throughout history. But with new attitudes and approaches it is now being taken out of the shadows and into the light.

8. Can I feed my family, kids & pets with Hemp food products?

Yes they are safe for the whole family! Hemp food won’t replace critical elements like infant formula and should be incorporated into a well balanced wholefood nutrition and exercise program. If unsure, please enlist the advice of a registered nutritionist or your doctor. Nothing in this plant is harmful, however we advise all customers to do their own research to truly discover the benefits of this amazing plant.

9. Will Hemp food cure my disease or cancer?

Green Path Organics makes no claims about curing any disease from using our products. Hemp is a wonderful wellness plant if used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle! Research into the health benefits of functional foods has been escalating during the 7 years, driven by the awareness of the relationship of diet to optimal health, ever-increasing healthcare costs & the aging population has motivated people to take control of their own health.

10. What is the difference between Hemp Oil and CBD Hemp Oil?

There is an increasing amount of anecdotal evidence and media stories emerging of the Medicinal value of Cannabis treating and delivering relief for a range of conditions from epilepsy to pain management. Certain strains of Cannabis contain other non-psychoactive compounds called CBD or Cannabidiol. These molecules can be bred into and extracted from certain strains and are mostly seen in USA markets for regulatory/compliance reasons & labeled and sold as ‘CBD Hemp Oil.’ We only focus on the Australian market where CBD is a Schedule 4 prescription-only substance. Our cold pressed 100% Hemp oil is purely for nutritive not medicinal purposes.