Green Path Organics is a pioneering Australian social enterprise leading the newly approved Australian Hemp Food Industry, our newest superfood & agricultural powerhouse. We are also a carbon neutral focused company and believe in the power of Hemp to offset global carbon emissions.

Our Australian Hemp products have a net benefit to the environment through our Green Path Organics Sustainability Program to build renewable homes with the byproduct of our harvests.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, our new venture is based on the Food Standards Australia Approved Low THC Hemp Seed Food.

We contract Hemp cultivation in 3 Australian states and have great upstream relationship with Hemp farmers and processing partners to ensure premium & consistent supply Australian Hemp Seed food products.

No heat or chemicals are used at any stage in our Australian Grown supply chain, where as some imported Hemp may contain heavy metals or pathogens, despite claiming to be ‘Certified Organic’.  We use only capable Australian based HACCP certified processing partners to facilitate supply of bulk and retail products who can scale up to meet increased export demand. Finally, we send our food grade products two 3 different globally accredited clinical labs to ensure our focus food safety is maintained.

We pride ourselves on being a socially-conscious enterprise with a far-reaching vision for a sustainable future. We embrace the “triple bottom line” approach of social, economic, and environmental responsibility. We believe that not all profits are created equal and that money earned which benefits only us—and not our local community or the world at large—is without real lasting value.

The rebirth of the Australian IHemp is an integral part of realising our sustainability vision, that will deliver generational benefit to our people, our community and our country for generations.

Every day, we are inspired a simple philosophy by Sir Richard Branson: “Business can be a force for good; if all businesses adopt a problem, with help from Government, we can get on top of most problems in the world.