Hemp- Nature’s Ancient Superfood

Today we live in a world where everyone wants to eat all-natural and organic options in order to live a healthier lifestyle. One very popular choice now emerging in Australia is Hemp, an ancient plant which has proven qualities that are not only all-natural but also very beneficial to the human body. Superfoods like Kale, Chia & Quinoa are good but Hemp is the king of all superfoods! It is time for you to take a good look at what hemp is and what benefits that it can offer you in the healthy lifestyle that you have been striving for.

Rich in Essential Fatty Acids Omega 3, 6 & 9

Hemp has a complete nutritional profile rich in Essential Fatty Acids in an ideal ratio of 3:1

Complete chain of Essential Amino Acids

Hemp foods contain all eight essential amino acids with higher amounts of each than other main sources of protein, like egg whites, tofu, soy and cow’s milk.

Bio-available Minerals, Vitamins and Fibre

A handful of hemp seed provides the minimum daily requirement of protein for adults. No other food source provides complete protein in such an easily digestible form, not even soy.

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Carbon Capturing

Hemp crops help reduce our carbon footprint as Hemp is a carbon sequestering (absorbing) agricultural plant. In fact, it captures more CO2 per acre than trees and grows 4 times as fast

Mississippi, USA --- Cotton Field --- Image by © Bill Barksdale/Corbis

Soil Renewing

Hemp does not deplete the soil of nutrients, but rather nourishes it instead leaving the soil rich in nitrogen serving farmers rotational crop needs for sustainable agricultural.


Hemp was used effectively for phytoremediation at the Chernobyl plant to absorb nuclear contamination in the soil and is now being used in the Fukushima disaster area for a similar purpose. The long tap roots of the hemp plant help to bind soils and combat erosion.


Carbon Storage

Hemp produces the most biomass byproduct of any plant on earth, delivering a cost effective, insulative & fire resistant building material. ‘Hempcrete’ continues to absorb and store carbon as it hardens. A bridge made from hemp in the 6th century still stands today.



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